Cindy Jiao

Cindy bagged the 100 percentile spot in GAMSAT, with an 86 in Section 3.She tutors for GAMSAT and VCE subjects, is taking her Bachelors in Biomedical Science at the University of Melbourne, and loves to read.
Callum Umstad

Callum achieved a 73 overall GAMSAT Score on his first attempt (98% percentile), including a 77 in the science section. He is currently in his second year of the Doctor of Medicine course at the University of Melbourne after finishing in the top 5% of his first year cohort.Callum has tutored a number of students over the last 3 years in GAMSAT section III. This includes both group sessions and one-on-one private tutorials.
Harry McKenna

A Medical Student from the University of Melbourne, scoring in the 98th percentile for GAMSAT and in the 100th percentile for Section II.
He holds a Bachelors degree in Biomedicine from the University of Melbourne and has over 4 years tutoring experience.
He achieved a perfect score in VCE English (Victoria, Australia), specialises in English and essay writing, and has coached numerous aspirants in Section II over the last couple of years.
Luke Huang

A Medical Student from University of Queensland, he aced the UMAT with a 98 percentile.He already holds a Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery.He is a seasoned UMAT tutor and has coached hundreds of UMAT aspirants in the last couple of years.
Reuben Lim

A Medical Student at the University of Melbourne, he aced the GAMSAT with 99 percentile.He is active in tutoring GAMSAT students and now has an extensive experience in tutoring students for a successful medical career.With his knowledge and experience of the GAMSAT exam, Reuben will contribute to a diversified understanding and give you some killer strategies to conquer the GAMSAT.
Daniel Mills

Daniel Mills is a third year medical student at the University of Newcastle.He was the inaugural recipient of the Faculty of Medicine High Achiever Undergraduate Scholarship, awarded to the student with the highest entrance score in a given year.He completed the UMAT in 2011, receiving a score of 201 (97th percentile), with a 95th percentile Section 1 score and 97th percentile Section 3 score.He has three years of private tutoring experience in a range of subjects including UMAT.